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Networked for Change.

The Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans is leading the charge to make our region a global leader in urban water management with green infrastructure. We believe everyone has a role to play – and everyone deserves a seat at the table – so we bring together design professionals, planners, nonprofits and neighborhoods. Our interdisciplinary working groups help to shape smarter public policy, build community capacity, and challenge the water sector toward equity and excellence. Learn More.

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Propeller is excited to work with organizations like the Water Collaborative to make sure all New Orleanians can be part of an equitable industry that will help us all live sustainably with water.
— Allison DeJong, Senior Water Manager
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Getting Smart about Water.

The Water Collaborative offers a range of community programming and member services. Our monthly lunch and learns offer professional development to engineers, architects and urban planners. We bring local expertise to conferences and community meetings though presentations and walking tours. Through research-based advocacy, we help raise standards, remove barriers and identify new resources for smarter water management with green infrastructure.

While climate change is increasing risks, it is also increasing demand for water management innovations worldwide.
— Allison Plyer and Lamar Gardere, The Data Center
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Join the Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans.


Membership in the Water Collaborative is for everyone who shares our vision of a safer, more sustainable and more beautiful New Orleans region. We have membership levels for design firms and businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and neighborhood associations, and individuals. Members are eligible to participate in working groups, elect the organization’s Steering Committee, and receive discounted admission to special events. Join today! 


Member Benefits


Receive collaborative communications and information.



Access to the resources of the Nola water collaborative network.



Invitations to special social events and professional development events.


ParticipatE in priority setting and the planning of public outreach events.


The Water Collaborative was instrumental in helping our company establish a foothold in the stormwater industry. The relationships I’ve developed over the last two years have made me a better stormwater professional and taught me the value of community and collaboration.
— Anthony Kendrick, Green Infrastructure Specialist, Construction EcoServices
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ask a pro

Questions about Water or Green Infrastructure?


Our members have years of experience in water management with green infrastructure. Our Ask a Pro Program puts that expertise to work for members of our community members. If you have a question related to water management or green infrastructure in your area, please ask us! The most common questions will be added to our FAQ section.