Meet Our New Executive Director!

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Jessica A. Dandridge M.A.

Former Non-profit Consultant in Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Development and Social Innovation

As the Executive Director of the Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative, Jessica Dandridge has dedicated her to life to community advocacy and campaign development for organizations seeking to be socially, economically and culturally inclusive. Through socially innovative engagement strategies, Ms. Dandridge has cultivated spaces for learning and the advancement of campaigns through collaboration, risk mitigation, and resource mobilization. Ms. Dandridge received her B.A at Xavier University in Political Science and her M.A in International Affairs with a concentration in security in conflict at The New School for Public Engagement. Since starting her career in advocacy and non-profit management at age 15, she has learned international techniques through civil rights champions and research-based models and formulated multidisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. Since 2005, she has worked for, or in collaboration with dozens of organizations in the Greater New Orleans area.

Prior to starting at the GNOWC, Ms. Jessica was a non-profit consultant at her business Patois and the Louisiana State Director at the Campaign Election Engagement Project. In addition, she was also the programming director for REC Democracy Project for the Rockefeller Family Fund in 2016. Ms. Dandridge is also trained in Youth Program Quality Initiative and Assessments, has a certificate in Leadership, Activism and Civil Rights from Brown University, and a certificate in Kingian Nonviolence Strategies from the Selma Center of Nonviolence. In her work, Ms. Dandridge continues to be passionate about leadership development for marginalized and low-income youth, cross-cultural education and engagement through multi-media, art, and, culture.

“I am tremendously excited to become the new Executive Director of the Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative. As a long-time fighter for human progress, I am excited to introduce my skills in community development, policy making, and education towards building capacity in green infrastructure and urban water management.”

“Louisiana is at exceptional risk from climate change and rising sea levels and thousands of communities of color and impoverished communities are at the forefront of vulnerability and are at risk of migration and loss of cultural and spacial identity. As the new ED, I want to support the long-term sustainability of communities in Louisiana by focusing on educational engagement and cultivating a center for resiliency and adaptive resource management. By offering my experience in socially innovative advocacy and cross-cultural programming I hope to bring the GNOWC to the forefront of the conversation in urban water management and a reliable source for collaborative thinking and climate change mitigation.”

We’re thrilled to welcome Jessica and look forward to her leadership at the Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative. Learning to live with water is one of the most important challenge we face as New Orleanians, and we’re excited to work with Jessica to bring information, opportunities, and best practices in water management policies to our region.”
— Keith Twitchell, President, Board of Directors, Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative
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