What does Nola’s Master Plan mean for water, climate or coast?


Monday, April 11, marks the beginning of a 12-week public input window for the next iteration of the New Orleans Master Plan, which guides city policy on infrastructure, open space, preservation and economic development.

That evening Propeller and Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative will present a workshop on how residents, businesses and nonprofits can take part in shaping the future of our city. Representatives of the City Planning Commission will explain the amendment process. A panel of civic engagement, legal and environmental planning professionals will take questions from the audience.

The current plan predates the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan, Resilient New Orleans and a recent Hazard Mitigation Plan Update. This revision is an opportunity to ensure the updated Master Plan reflects the progress New Orleans has made on integrated water management, climate readiness and resilience.  RSVP now.

Jasmine Henderson